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Using Functions in TD Control (6D301)

TD Control is an intuitive way of interacting with and controlling your computer via eye tracking on I-13 and I-16 devices and PCEye. TD Control is software designed for individuals with physical disabilities and communication challenges who want to make full use of their computer – independently. Learn how to use the tools in TD Control with these videos and Quick Guides.

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  • What is TD Control?
  • TD Control: Full Computer Access with Eye Gaze
  • Quick Guide: Icons in TD Control
  • Using Functions in the Interaction Menu
  • Using Left Click
  • Using Scroll
  • Using the On-Screen Keyboard
  • Using Double Click
  • Using Right Click
  • Using Adjust Target
  • Using Click and Drag
  • Customize your Interaction Menu
  • Quick Guide: Customizing the Interaction Menu
  • More Functions in TD Control
  • How to Pause and Resume Eye Gaze
  • Using the Off-Screen Menu for More Options
  • Switching Between Applications with TD Switcher
  • Using Copy, Cut, and Paste
  • How to Calibrate
  • Adjusting Settings
  • Quick Guide: Settings in TD Control
  • Quick Guide: Websites for Practicing TD Control
  • Quick Guide: Touch and Keyboard Shortcuts for TD Control
  • Using Modes in TD Control
  • Quick Guide: Using Modes in TD Control
  • Repeat Click Mode
  • Continuous Mode
  • Customize Continuous Mode
  • Quick Guide: Customizing Continuous Mode
  • Drawing Mode
  • Gamepad Mode
  • Overlays Mode
  • Launching TD Control
  • Launch from your Desktop
  • Launch from Communicator 5
  • Launch from TD Snap
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  • Resource Library
  • TD Control Resources
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